is Annemarie's radio show platform,

which she founded in 1998 under the direction of the late Hannes Doblhofer (Ö1) in the context of Radio 1476, an information and experimental program of the University of Vienna,

broadcasted on Mittelwelle.


The radio show strictly collaborates with community radio stations,

is an ever-evolving art project and can take on new flair and direction, depending on context and setting,

which are communicated as “editions”.



   (2007 - 2011, 'the morning-drive edition', Mondays @7:30 - 9:30 am, in collaboration with DJ GitanaRosa and GitanaRosa Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, now Piermont, NJ)

KGNU Denver|Boulder, CO USA 

   (2012 - 2015, 'the late-night edition', last Sunday of the month, midnight - 3:00 am) and 

RADIO ORANGE Wien, Austria

   (2015 - today, 'the yogic edition', 2nd und 4th Friday of the month, 7:00 - 9:00 am

   and for a short while there was a Sunday evening, “pop|culture” edition,

   which is currently on hold due to project intensity overload of the artist

   2017 SEPT 'most+JAZZZ edition', a two show 3 and 2 hour special edition in connection with



projections and journeys are Annemarie's carefully curated storytelling souvenirs to us, you, me & everyone from here, there & everywhere, musically underlined by playlists from world music selections of Annemarie's venusFREQUENCY radio shows.

.emails from Gilman

2016, NOV 9th @ Gemütliches Traumservice, 1020 Vienna, Austria

2017, MAY 4 - JULY 4 @ Impact HUB, 1070 Vienna, Austria

.most+JAZZ photostorytelling and musical playlist curation

2017, SEP 8th @ Schanigarten, Stadtkeller Fehring, Austria

2018, SEP 7 & 8 @Shanigarten, Stadtkeller Fehring, Austria

.theMALA a photostorytelling underlined by a mantra, at the atelier of Franz Blaas

2019, MAR 8 & 9 HORS LITS, WIEN #6, Wiener SalonParcours mit Pascale Ciapp, VENUSfrequency, Stephaine Schmiderer, Katrin Wölger, Your Cousin PIA, You Wonju


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