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Annemarie VENUSfrequency 

E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500   Y O G A   A L L I A N C E   Q U A L I F I E D   T E A C H E R   |   ID 140414

H A T H A   |  V I N Y A S A   |   Y I N   |    H O T    |   P R A N A Y A M A  |   M E D I T A T I O N   |  

Y O G A   N I D R A   |   R E I K I   Master   |   E F T     |   holistic B O D Y wisdom  &   human E N E R G Y   - work

is an Austro-American Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Holistic Body Wisdom Guide, accomplished TEDx & Public Speaker, Soundscape Photo Storyteller, Host & Producer of her own RADIOshow (podCAST) VENUSfrequency, playlist curator & DJane; - in short, a Soul Artist & contemporary MedicineWoman. 


Annemarie started practicing yoga in the Jivamukti tradition in New York's East Village during the early 90s. In 2003, a severe skydiving accident dramatically, yet mindfully and gently redefined her connection to body, mind, soul, PRANA (LifeEnergy), her life's calling, that own individual Dharma. 


True to the motto "... putting and feeling your feet on the ground" it is her goal to convey a unique feeling of power and presence that comes from your very truth, in her classes, ceremonies, seminars & private guided sessions. Sessions with Annemarie are always a clear call to self-empowerment,  a facilitation of self initiation and taking responsibility for healing all around. We get to playfully experience PRANA - Life Energy as it flows through us; while recognizing, experiencing and creating stable and secure foundations to build on from within. 


Holistic Body Wisdom Guide Sessions can be described similarly and draw from her studies, practices and teachings in Yoga, Vedic and Reiki traditions; her own journey of healing and are a divine mission of connecting to and empowering one's own Higher Self. 


Annemarie's VENUSfrequency is also a yogic radio show and podcast on Radio Orange, as she sees community radio and alternative channels of media a highly important platform and indispensable complement to the public and private commercial media arena today. Every Friday at 7 am #viennatime, Annemarie invites to "tune in, rather than tuning out" with yogic themes accompanied by "carefully curated" playlists, from pop to techno, downtempo to hip hop and from spiritual chants to classical music. VENUSfrequency yogic edition is also available as archived podcast version to relisten anytime (via Annemarie not only arranges music for that Soul Artist creation, but DJane's at International Yoga Events and regularly invites to neo-shamanic TranceDanceRituals (see workshops & events for dates). links to weekly "free" meditation circles via zoom online and in person. #raisevibrations #healtogether RADIO show | PODcast Fridays at 7am on and FM 94.0 in Vienna and #relisten archived episodes via

Annemarie sits on the Programmgremium Board of RadioOrange, has Voice-Over and In-Front-Of-Camera Host & Facilitator experience and is available for speaking engagements, event moderation, shamanic room and space clearing rituals as well as celebrations of life & death.

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