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PRANAfrequenz Meditation


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What is human energy and how does it work?

A gifted scientist named Fritz Albert Popp, PhD discovered and found a way to measure energetic activity which occurs between each and every cell in the human body. It is not only a network of energy, but a network of "Pure Communication".

These Biophotons, are what he calls bursts of energy that travel through your brain and around our body at the speed of light. The Biophotons carry the pre-cursor messaging that accomplishes the successful function of each organ in your body. This is the "software" that controls everything.


We all work with or receive benefits from networks of computers everyday. We all have a basic understanding of how that all comes together. Let's take a moment to consider our body as a network of systems: we call them "organs" and a central computer that we call the brain. We actually have the most complex information system in the world, inside our own body.


Most information systems are divided into two halves. Hardware, we call this "the body" and software, which is "our energy". Yes, energy not brain. The energy actually contains the information. It may begin in the brain, but the energy is the extension of the brain. The energy controls every single function of your body as a pre-cursor message.

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