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the PHOTO Story Telling Installations,

Carefully Curated Playlists, Sound Scape Creations & Readings


The photo projections and journeys are Annemarie's carefully curated storytelling souvenirs to us, you, me & everyone from here, there & everywhere, musically underlined by playlists from world music selections of Annemarie's VENUSfrequency radio shows.

.emails from Gilman

2016, NOV 9th @ Gemütliches Traumservice, 1020 Vienna, Austria

2017, MAY 4 - JULY 4 @ Impact HUB, 1070 Vienna, Austria

.most+JAZZ photostorytelling and musical playlist curation

2017, SEP 8th @ Schanigarten, Stadtkeller Fehring, Austria

2018, SEP 7 & 8 @Shanigarten, Stadtkeller Fehring, Austria

.theMALA a photostorytelling underlined by a mantra, at the atelier of Franz Blaas

2019, MAR 8 & 9 HORS LITS, WIEN #6, Wiener SalonParcours mit Pascale Ciapp, VENUSfrequency, Stephaine Schmiderer, Katrin Wölger, Your Cousin PIA, You Wonju

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