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.emails from Gilman

.carfeullycurated .exhibit & installation .sound & photo journey 

.limited edition prints
sneak past the trespassing sign and journey through
the classic

American Ghost Town of Gilman, Colorado.


is an abandoned mining town, a classic American ghost town.


Gilman was abandoned in 1984 by order of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and placed on the National Priorities List in 1989 because of toxic pollutants, including contamination of the ground water, as well as unprofitability of the mines.


Entering Gilman constitutes trespassing, the ghost town is private property and strictly off limits to the public.


This particular photo journey by artist annemarie p’art dates back to september 2008.

The music installation underlining the projection and photo journey are carefully curated excerpts of VENUSfrequency – the pop|culture edition radio shows.


What gives the exhibit the name .emails from Gilman, are select original documents recovered from the site such as a Memorandum from 1947, an accident report from  1974 and 48 doctors x-ray records on flashcards dating from 1955 – 1969, showcased around the ImpactHub.



The townsite is a victim of vandalization, and the town's main street is heavily tagged. There are only a few intact windows left in town, as thirty years of vandalism have left almost every glass object in the town destroyed.

However, many parts of the town are almost as they were when the mine shut down. The main shaft elevators still sit ready for ore cars, permanently locked at the top level. Several cars and trucks still sit in their garages, left behind by their owners. The remnants of the townsite are visible in many places along the curves of the highway.Because of its size, modernity and level of preservation, the town is also the subject of interest for many historians, explorers, and photographers.....


solo exhibits

2016, NOV 9th VERINSSAGE @ Gemütliches Traumservice, Max Winter Platz 15b, 1020 Vienna, Austria

2017, MAY 4 - JULY 4 @ Impact HUB, 1070 Vienna, Austria 

limited edition VERNISSAGEposter EURO 35

from the series .emails from Gilman

titled "Impact Hub Gilman"

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