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free GAYATRI MANTRA Meditation

#raisevibrations #healtogether


a free offering of a JAPA meditation get together via ZOOM, online,

real, organic, honest and LIVE in order to raise vibrations and AWAKEN from the unconscious to the conscious together individually as well as collectively!

a FREE SEVA, in Service offering or pay as you wish to support annemarie.

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The Gayatri mantra is the invocation of the divine light, our inner sun, the higher self. With regular recitation, it removes deception and purifies our thoughts and feelings. It energizes us with PRANA (life energy) and gives us a long life in health, purity and wisdom. Gayatri awakens us to the universal consciousness of enlightenment and to the realization of the non-dual, absolute and all-encompassing unity of consciousness.



The universe is filled with this energy, may many people sing, chant and recite the Gayatri mantra in order to experience and internalize the source of light in themselves and thus make a contribution to healing on our earth.

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