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human  energetiK 

holistic  BODy WISDOM


Chakra Balancing

be PRANA. LifeEnergy Coaching

the power of Breath. Pranayama


creative EFT


Sound & Soul Journeys

Trance Dance Rituals

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has made her first experience with

human potential & human Energy work

in 2003 thanks to her dear and forever friend Inge,

an incredibly powerful healer from Belgium,

who came immediately to annemarie's side after a devastating skydiving accident that left her with a complicated leg and spinal cord injury, nerve damage, multiple surgeries and a big task of healing, ceremony, meditation, visualization, changing patterns of the mind

 and recovery.  


the powerful crafts of holistic BODY WISDOM and human ENERGY work 

is what annemarie has been studying and sharing with

her clients and students ever since. 

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