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venusfrequency THE yogic RADIO SHOW 

RADIO Orange

          every SECOND & FOURTH FRIDAY of the month 7am - 8am VIENNA CEST TIME

"the yogic edition" 

                 this way to archived shows

tune in and stay for a while! 

 my latest and greatest 60 minute yoga playlist of world contemporary tunes,

and readings from mindful, centering, educational, empowering, spiritual, moving, eye opening, calming, soul searching.... magazine or newspaper articles, book excerpts, poems, inspirational quotes, stories and reads

to you, my beloved listener.

 what more do  you really need  to get your day started or happily going?

your cup of organic, faire trade, loose tea with freshly squeezed bio lemon juice

and a shot of VENUSfrequency #withlove

...dear writers, journalists, bloggers, lovely artists of the word...

I am always looking for rights to read out of publications, on the search for books to read from

and in general, open to all kinds of collaborations.

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