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VENUSfrequency, yogic edition 2017 August 25

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VENUSfrequency | like on facebook and follow on instagram | and sharing a pop|culture way of the YOGA, Meditation & REIKI energy lifestyle, ... in support of a more mindful and healthier world

me, annemarie, your resident yogi, meditator, Reiki Energy worker and general all around the globe and universe seeker bringing you all things harvest, food, ayurvedic cooking and philosophies today.

Today’s handcrafted, shaken, stirred and organically grown playlist showcases beautiful artists such as @estastonne @zoladubnikova #doctorrockit @fedeaubele @angusandjuliastone @angussstone (whose’ ex girlfriend I actually became best templerats with and stayed at this ayurvedic ashram with for a panchakarma cleanse in this little secret Hideaway in India and yes, angus stone actually frequents that same ashram for ayurvedic out times too) @unclubbed and #zoedurrant @sebastianplano #kinghenry & #Bloodboy @charitychildren #sammaher #kamariandmanvir @nilsfrahmfanpage #nilsfrahm @jeanduvoyagemusic

All of it is, music to our ears.

All of this seasonal and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables I have been so honored to receive, farm to table from my beautiful parents garden all summer, inspired me yesterday, while catching some sun rays and paddling around the danube’s Copa beach here in Vienna, to dedicate this show to yogic food thoughts, ayurvedic cooking and ayurvedic philosophies.

Yogi’s place a great emphasis on diet as an integral part of the successful practice of any spiritual discipline. Ayurveda addresses not only healing but also prevention and maintenance of the vitality so crucial in the practice of Yoga. Ancient seers described the human body and the body of the universe as composed of prana, the primal energy, the vital life force which manifests in the form of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

These elements are kept in harmony by a healthy body that consumes them through breath, food, water, sunshine, exercise and sleep. Yogis perceive foods such as grains, fruites, vegetables, seeds, beans, herbs and roots as vital carriers and balancers for the energy of prana in the body. Ayurveda sees medicine and diet as complementary rather than separate.

Credit to and Reading excerts from the The Ayurvedic cookbook by Amandea Morningstar with Urmila Desai.

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